Greg Harrison

VP Corporate Communications & Marketing

Jeannie has a very strategic approach to marketing, is passionate about producing quality work and is hungry to learn. She is a quick study and reliable. I entrusted her with implementing the entire transformation of our network's website and coordinating our digital strategy. I have the fullest confidence in her.

Greg managed Jeannie at St. Joseph Health

Jerri Randrup

Director Corporation Communications & Marketing

Jeannie has the ability to get things done with limited budgets and nominal guidance. Our digital presence increased dramatically with Jeannie's leadership across multiple platforms. Tasked with promoting a house of brands, Jeannie proposed brand ambassadors, identified volunteers, designed and launched the social accounts, trained and then supported the team. She also developed a corporate campaign based on our mission and drove organic growth through the faces and voices of our caregivers. She continued to evolve the approach across seasonal observances including Veterans Day where she positioned our organizational members. Showcasing our people also uplifted morale by recognizing their talents and dedication to our mission, vision, and values. Her analytical skills were beneficial as well, allowing our department to produce dashboards demonstrating our growth to leadership. Partnering with IT, Jeannie designed and developed our employee intranet, developed original content along with push tactics to pull people to the site. She also monitored the backend for trends that allowed us to adjust functionality and content to better serve our workforce needs. She is dedicated, hard working, and considerate of team needs; willing to step in when needed while maintaining a cheerful and positive attitude.

Jerri managed Jeannie at Alameda Health System

Jay Jackson

Chief Administrative Officer

It is a pleasure to endorse Jeannie Maria. She has the ability to get things done on time and on task with a high degree of independence. At AHS Jeannie was challenged to create a social media campaign with a nominal budget and she was able to produce results from an organic prospective. Jeannie created the Brand Ambassador team: a previously disparate group of staff with other roles in the organization and she engaged them to lead the social media presence for AHS. Jeannie was instrumental in the development and implementation of the communications plan and she conceived and initiated a newsletter that was distributed weekly. Jeannie is very capable of doing things on her own, and her strength is meeting goals through a creative, think-outside-the box approach to marketing. Her focus on creating organic growth through the #AHSCares #AHSHeals #AHSServes campaigns that she created show-cased the employees of Alameda Health in a creative and positive way. Jeannie is a self-motivated and energetic individual that I am pleased to endorse. 

Jay managed Jeannie indirectly at Alameda Health System 

Mark Koerner

VP Product

Jeannie is an extremely creative, fun, and fearless writer. She puts 100% into her work and creates a light and fun atmosphere for her team. Jeannie helped managed both product and marketing content across large scale products for Keas and consistently provided thoughtful solutions to tough problems without prompting. If you're looking to add some life, whimsy, and spice to a product or marketing campaign, Jeannie will get you there!


Mark managed Jeannie at Keas

Art Smith

Managing Director, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer

Jeannie is great writer that will thrive inside an agency environment. She is creative, has a solid eye and good ideas. My best description: Peggy Olson.


Art managed Jeannie at Union Bank

Brianne Underwood

Regional Manager Corporate Communications & Marketing

It was both a privilege and honor to work with Jeannie Dougherty during her time at St. Joseph Health. I admired her engaging personality and her ability to effectively communicate to everyone; regardless of whether they are a physician, vendor, or colleague. Jeannie was a great asset to our team as an established and well respected Marketing professional. She was a continuous team leader through tremendous change by focusing on key strategic initiatives from our enterprise yet took the time to explain the impact on a local level. She was an integral partner in a website overhaul, pioneered new processes in project management, and greeted each challenge with a positive, can-do attitude. Jeannie was known as trustworthy, hard-working and personable – qualities that still define her completely. Jeannie brings vast industry knowledge and offers a resourceful approach to get projects done on time and on budget. As a colleague, I appreciated her dedication to produce results in a fast paced and challenging environment and would recommend her to any organization.

Brianne worked directly with Jeannie at St. Joseph Health

Josh Stevens


A team player, hard working, asset to any high-growth organization. Jeannie was a hard working, creative team player that was an absolute asset to Keas. She came in early, stayed late, and always went above and beyond in her duties as a copywriter and content manager. I always thought her copy was bright, fun and educational. She was very meticulous in her attention to detail, and would be an asset to any organization. Jeannie comes with my full recommendation.


Josh managed Jeannie indirectly at Keas

Courtney Pong

Public Relations Director

Jeannie is a fantastic addition to any team. She's the balance I would demand in any copywriter: Creative x 1,000 when it comes to the project, while pragmatic and focused when it comes to teamwork and problem solving, and all while never losing the enthusiasm for the team and vision itself.


Courtney managed Jeannie indirectly at Keas

Joanne Lin

Director, Project Management

Jeannie is a creative, prolific writer and brought a lot of fun and interesting copy to our platform. We received numerous accolades from our users on our content. She is also a consummate team player, hard worker, and always does whatever it takes to meet deadlines with a positive attitude. Every day was filled with smiles and laughs when Jeannie was in the office. I highly recommend Jeannie and would welcome the opportunity to work with her again.


Joanne worked directly with Jeannie at Keas

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