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The Perfect Off-Road Adventure: 7 Reasons to Ride ATVs on the Oregon Coast

Author: Jeannie Dougherty Client: Steve's ATV Rentals

With over 40-miles of glorious coastline, thousands of acres of sand dunes, forest trails, and spectacular views to enjoy, the Oregon coast is tailor-made for off-road enthusiasts. If this sounds like what you're looking for you've come to the right place.

Here are 7 reasons to ride ATVs on the Oregon coast and the best ATVs to make the most of your off-road adventure.

Welcome to the Breathtaking Oregon Coastline It’s a cool, brisk morning and you’re sitting on your ATV rental overlooking the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America, listening to the crashing waves and gazing upon a gorgeous ocean horizon on a vast empty beach. Stretching over 40 miles from Heceta Head north of Florence to Cape Arago State Park just south of Coos Bay you’ll find thousands of acres of windblown sand known as the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (NRA).

The product of millions of years of erosion, the wind-sculpted sand dunes on the Oregon coast can go as far inland as 2.5 miles and tower as high as 500-feet above sea level in some places. Like no other dunes in the world they provide a unique terrain of desert-like landscapes, lakes, rivers, ocean and forest which blend to create a diverse riding experience you can only find in Oregon.

Scattered with marshes, isolated “tree islands” and lakes formed by sand-blocked rivers the area is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream providing numerous recreational activities including not only ATV riding but also hiking, photography, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding and camping.

With rugged and dependable power and torque, riding ATVs on the Oregon coast is an easy way to explore one of the most temperate coastal sand dunes in the world. You’ll rip through the majestic dunes, be amazed by the scenic and winding trails and catch your breath on the most spectacular views. Whether you’re riding solo, with a group of friends, or with your family, this is a unique experience you’ll likely never forget.

7 Reasons to Ride ATVs on the Oregon Coast

Whether you’re an avid ATV rider or interested in riding an ATV for the first time, we’ve pulled together 7 reasons why you should definitely check out the trails on the Oregon coast, along with some of the best ATVs to make the most of your off-road adventure.

1. Huge Selection of ATV Trails in Oregon

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is 40-miles of open terrain with shifting sand dunes open to all off-road vehicles. With year-round beach access, three developed campgrounds, staging areas, direct trail access, and three main off-highway vehicle riding areas (Coos Bay, Winchester Bay, and Florence), you’ll be able to ride any of these trails whenever adventure calls.

The quiet fishing village of Winchester Bay provides dunes and recreational areas that are large and expansive, with dunes that vary in size from steep and challenging for the pros, to smaller and less challenging for beginner ATV riders. If you’re looking for a thrill seeking, heart-thumping good time you won’t want to skip the Umpqua Dunes which are sure to get the adrenaline pumping as you climb the monster dunes that tower up to 500 feet at Winchester Bay. Get your ATV rental for Winchester Bay, Oregon today!

The Florence, Oregon sand dunes are known for their hard to see drop offs and are best suited for larger off-road vehicles and quads. If some gorgeous scenery, without the 500-foot drop is more your thing, you’ll want to check out the area between the South Jetty and the Siltcoos River.

Smaller than the Umpqua Dunes but larger than those found at Coos Bay, these dunes sit right along the coast. You’ll find several scenic, mile-long sand roads and designated rides perfect for solo riders, groups and families. In addition, you’ll find an Instagram worthy moment at any one of the five large “tree islands” which are remnants of old forests now surrounded by sand dunes. Get your Florence, Oregon sand dune rental today!

If a little bit of everything is what you’re looking for, Coos Bay is where you’ll find it. With some very large dunes as well as some smaller ones, Coos Bay is suited for nearly every type of off-road vehicle and every level of experience. It boasts the largest riding area at the Oregon Dunes NRA between Spinreel Campground and Horsfall Road.

From sand roads, to dunes, to forest trails, to full beach access and even the fully serviced KOA campground with direct beach access, you can’t go wrong with Coos Bay. Check out the best Coos Bay ATVs for the Oregon sand dunes.

2. Oregon ATV Trails: Deserts, Forests, Beaches and Mountains

If you’ve ever imagined the perfect ATV trail to be gorgeous green mountains on one end, a vast ocean on the other, and glorious old growth forests, lakes and rivers in the middle, then welcome to the Oregon coast. From the thick “Tree Islands” to the open dunes, marsh-like deflation plains and scenic beaches, the Oregon Dunes 31,500 acres are sure to satisfy anyone looking for a nature escape with a little adrenaline kick.

Throughout the area you’ll find several lakes good for fishing, swimming, canoeing or kayaking (such as Mercer, Woahink, Siltcoos, Tahkenith, Clear and Tenmile Lake) and smaller inter-dune lakes such as Lily, Saunders, Beal and Horsfall Lake.

Not only are the “Tree Islands” a beauty to hold, but an incredibly interesting topographical feature of the area, which along with forested upland dunes, are a habitat for wildlife. You’ll find anything from tiny, wild mice and voles to porcupines, mink, black bears, fox, deer, elk, geese, and the western snowy plover (which is listed as a threatened species).

3. ATV Trails All to Yourself on the Oregon Coastline

You know that feeling you get when you get on a plane, grab the window seat before anyone’s finished boarding and pray that no one is going to sit next to you? And the immense joy you feel when you realize you have the whole row to yourself? That’s off-roading in Oregon.

According to the Oregon Motorcycle Riders Association – Oregon is one of the most pro off-highway vehicle states in the nation due in large part to its huge expanse of dedicated off-road trails. Thousands of riders from around the world come each year to enjoy the thrill of riding these trails but you’d never know it with the vast expanse of space and trails that are rarely ever packed.

4. Oregon Coast Sand Dunes: Off-Road Haven for National Events

While the off-road trails in Oregon are extremely popular for thousands of riders every year – they’re also a pretty popular destination for some pretty big national riding events. And if you’re an avid offroad enthusiast there are a couple of events you won’t want to miss.

Dunefest is a five-day event in Winchester Bay, made exclusively for off-road vehicles. You’ll experience a freestyle show with X-Game athletes, a free-for-all drag strip, a racetrack, grudge matches, kids riding area and an opportunity to show off your own off-road vehicle and win prizes.

UTV Takeover is a four-day event in Coos Bay, designed specifically for ATVs and UTVs. With over 900 acres to play with, this huge event offers a plethora of activities to choose from and a multitude of vendors to check out. You’ll be able to test-drive the latest off-road models from Can-Am to Yamaha, find the perfect niche riding gear and get as much off-road time as your heart desires with group rides, night rides and dune tours.

5. Oregon Coast: A Welcoming Community

Oregon is like the Midwest of the West Coast. Complete strangers will wave at you, open doors for you, say hello to you and if you’re from any place where that is not common – you will miss it when you leave. Add to that the off-road enthusiast community. You’ll meet fellow off-roaders from all walks of life with a variety of ages and skill sets. You’ll meet riders with an array of off-road vehicles, from stock to heavily modified and will find their enthusiasm for the sport infectious. With open arms, this welcoming community of off-road riders in Oregon will be eager to share with you their vast experience and help you further your off-road knowledge.

6. ATV Pick-Me Up: Relax with Locally Made Beer, Coffee and Fresh Food

After a long day on the trail you are of course going to want to fuel up with some tasty food and beverages, or simply refill that now empty and sad looking cooler. And what better place to do that then the good ol’ state of Oregon?

From fresh, locally grown produce, to small farm-raised beef, or just caught wild fish, the food choices will not disappoint. With tempting locally sourced drinks and amazing craft brews and wines, as well as the best coffee you’ve ever tasted, you may never want to leave.

When it comes to craft beer, you’ll have dozens of options like Rogue, Widmer, Pyramid and when it comes to food you definitely won’t go wrong with freshly caught seafood, sizzling burgers, fusion food inspired by Mexican dishes, and maybe the best donuts you’ve ever had in your life.

7. Rent the Most Incredible ATVs and UTVs on the Oregon Coast

Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned vet, a young person, or just young at heart, Steve’s ATV Rentals offers a huge range of rentals with over 11 different models of ATVs, UTVs, and Side by Side (RZRs). Unlike other ATV rental companies, Steve’s ATV rentals do not come with speed governors or speed limiters, allowing you to decide the speed that seems right for you.

Young riders can check out the Suzuki 80 or the Polaris 90, a small, lightweight ATV with automatic transmission, perfect for beginners with little to no experience. The Honda 250ex, an exciting 4-stroke, 5-speed, semi-automatic transmission with optional clutch is perfect for those with a little riding experience, aged 14 and up. If you’re an adult with a bit of experience under your belt, then you’ll definitely want to check out the Honda 400ex, a manual 5-speed transmission, which because of its performance capabilities requires high-performance ATV riding abilities.

Steve’s ATV Rentals provide families, friends, and solo riders the exact vehicle they need to have an adventure of a lifetime on the Oregon Coast. Browse our selection of ATV rentals today!

Why Not Book Your Oregon ATV Sand Dune Rental Today?

There’s nothing like feeling the sun on your face and the wind blowing through your hair as the adrenaline kicks in while you tear through the Oregon sand dunes, enjoying winding trails, dodging obstacles, catching breathtaking views, all while sitting securely on your ATV rental.

Even if you just love nature but fear the thrill, it’s an equally amazing feeling being able to drive slowly through some gorgeous oceanside trails off the coast of Oregon, while breathing in the most beautiful scenery and creating the most spectacular memories with your friends or family. So, whether you’re the adventure seeker or the nature lover, ATV riding on the Oregon coast is designed to be fun for everyone. Why not book your ATV sand dune rental today?

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