Next Move 

Next Move is a travel nurse recruitment agency located in Kansas City, Missouri.

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Project Description

As a Digital Marketing Manager for Next Move, in addition to overseeing all marketing operations of Next Move Inc, I conducted a UI/UX audit of their current website and developed a brand new website that addressed the needs & desires of their target demographic: nurses who were interested in travel nursing jobs & travel nursing in general. This included such things as: an easy application process, frontline access to top paying nursing jobs, Q&As about travel nursing, travel nursing marketing updates. 

In less than one year the website went from 40,000 visits per year to over 180,000. Top three referral sources being social media, organic search & paid search. In addition to optimizing all content (SEO) across the website & throughout the blog, as well as a strong email drip campaign for all leads,  I also utilized a small budget of less than $50K for facebook & google ads to drive traffic to the website and collected almost 3,000 new leads in less than 365 days.

12-Month Analytic Results

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