With over 9 years of marketing experience and a specialization in brand marketing, content curation, web development, social media, and strategy I am passionate about the digital and social media landscape and elevating brands to effectively grow user engagement, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive sales and revenue. 

Jeannie Maria Dougherty


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I work with clients from various industries from healthcare to finance to tech and everything in between. My marketing services are here to help you stand out and get discovered. 


Social media has become an integral part of any marketing strategy. Grow your brand and connect with your clients and customers through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.


If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, does it even make a sound? Much can be said for your digital marketing strategy. If no one sees your website, banner ad, or blog - does it even exist? With search engine optimized content, my work will not only make sure you're visible, but also that you stand out above the competition. 

Copywriting & Blogging 

You're an expert in your field and I'll help you showcase your knowledge, interact with your clients, and write creative and relevant copy that increases sales and gets results. 

Traditional Advertising

From direct mail, to billboards, to wraps, to video, brochures and good old fashioned print advertisements I'll create customized ads to suit any of your needs.  

A peek inside my brain

  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and the experience necessary to build a fantastic marketing strategy. Because good marketing isn't just about knowing how to create a gorgeous website or developing phenomenal SEO optimized content, it's about staying focused on the user journey as we take them through the story of your brand.

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Am I expensive?

I give my clients the flexibility they desire in how they choose to work with me and offer project-based or hourly rates. You'll always know what to expect when it comes to pricing.

Am I interested?

Every project is unique, and I love that sort of work diversity. You may worry that your budget is small, or that your business isn't important enough to warrant a consultant. Don't worry. I'll chat with you about what you're looking for - and that initial consultation is 100% free. 

Am I experienced?

I have worked on hundreds of marketing projects both as a freelancer and inside the corporate environment. While no two projects are exactly the same, I leverage my 9 years of experience to the benefit of each specific client. 

Greg Harrison, VP

Providence St. Joseph Health

Jeannie has a very strategic approach to marketing and is passionate about producing quality work. I entrusted her with implementing the entire transformation of our network's website and coordinating our digital strategy. I have the fullest of confidence in her. 

Mark Koerner, VP
Keas Tech

Jeannie is extremely creative, fun and fearless. She helped manage both product and marketing content across large scale products for Keas and consistently provided thoughtful solutions to tough problems. If you're looking to add some life, whimsy, and spice to a product or marketing campaign, Jeannie will get you there!

Jerri Randrup,Director
Alameda Health System

Jeannie has the ability to get things done with limited budgets and nominal guidance. Our digital presence increased dramatically with Jeannie's leadership across multiple platforms.  She is dedicated, hard working, and considerate of team needs; willing to step in when needed while maintaining a cheerful and positive attitude.

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Based in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, (Mountain Standard Time) I am dual citizen in both the United States and Spain. I work with clients both in the United States and internationally.